"To successfully manage global and international multicultural projects with varying levels of complexity, a strong end to end/multilevel knowledge sharing process must be implemented." - Eric Scott, CEO

Globalization and rapidly changing technology make it possible for firms to exploit different capabilities that exist around the world. Within this environment, knowledge is now a valuable asset to achieve a competitive edge. Knowledge is information with context; however, organizations find it difficult to succeed through the necessary, constant adaptation that is required.

More firms are becoming dynamic and more complex. Knowledge is temporal, and what is of value at one place and point in time may be obsolete or impossible in another. Therefore, firms need an alternate perspective from traditional management approaches, giving way to what is appropriate. Overall, this managerial approach points to the advantage of the know-how of every member of an organization who can create and reuse the knowledge that delivers a competitive edge.

Constant change requires a view of anticipation and preparation. It is important to know how to think, as well as, what to know, and why it is important; which is where management practices can make the largest contribution. Employee participation and flexible approaches are key in dealing with expectations and unexpected consequences. Value grows when sharing knowledge. An individual’s knowledge that is acquired from education and experience can then be converted, from tacit know-how into explicit and universally documented methods that are unique, and difficult to imitate.

This approach is important in acquiring the most out of a funnel portfolio system. Our firm encourages the concept of flexibility, and the transfer of knowledge that is difficult to express into documented practices. We believe this contributes to the ongoing development of an organization’s core capabilities. A firm’s sustainability depends upon individuals, groups, teams, and all levels of management learning from each other to develop a more competitive organizational environment. SIBS Inc. strives to help in this way.

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